Gulping Beats #1

bugulp gulping beats

This week’s five track playlist features artists such as Bonobo, Couros, Melvv, Zola Blood and SOHN.

Bonobo – Kerala
After a long four years, we are finally blessed with another studio album called Migration. “Kerala” is the lead single and it has every ingredient of becoming a hit. I’ve listened to his albums numerous times, So I can’t really wait for Migration to drop. It’s so damn good.

Couros – Breathe A·gain
I have to say that the new Corous tune “Breathe A·gain” throw me completely into the surprise land. There is so much happening in this track that I just completely forgot to do anything else. Switching between near-romantic love waves to some very dance-able wubbly vibes. This is an absolute joy to listen to.

Melvv – Not Me (feat. Two Feet)
This is currently my go-to track for early mornings. This laidback chilled track from Melvv featuring Two Feet will definitely put you in the mood. Melvv tagged this one as ‘Electronic Pop’ not sure about that, but after a few replays, you kind of get the direction he’s going with it. Definitely electronic and indie, the soothing electronic beats add a nice kick and the vocals just tie the knot. Great track.

Zola Blood – Islands
This is my first listen from the London-based Alternative/Indie group and I have to say this is quite interesting and pretty awesome to listen to. Just sucks you in with its clever electro beats and soothing vocals. I’m definitely looking forward to some more good content from these guys.

SOHN – Red Lines
SOHN has churned out a lot of good tunes in the last couple of months, so it’s really difficult to put my finger on a favorite, but this has to be, personally, one of the best, not quite fresh but still a great addition to some new indie music lists. Smooth and very seductive vocals plus the solid production work are just few of the reasons why I’m currently in love this one, great track to finish a day off.


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