Gulping Beats #2

bugulp gulping beats

This week’s five track playlist features artists such as Buckley, Monte Booker, Guggenz, Matthew IM and Earl Sweatshirt.

Buckley – Distant
This track’s been on my SoundCloud collection for quite a while and now feels like the perfect time to bring it to the forefront. These melodic flows and fluid beats are what music is all about.  I am all about what the London-based rapper has been putting out for some time and this very much represents himself.

Monte Booker – raindrop, droptop
When it comes to discovering new hip hop artists, finding Monte booker’s music has definitely been something to be proud of. The production and mixing on this are exemplary. This is by far the bounciest thing I’ve ever heard so far.

Earl Sweatshirt – Chum
This song’s been growing on me since I first heard it last week. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it when I listened to the first minute or so. But it slowly grows on you, and as soon as Earl’s hit the first note I was sold! I guess I’m that fickle, huh? Anyways this number oozes hip hop, to which you kinda just want to move your upper body. I can’t stop.

Matthew Im – What Goes Around (feat. Izreal)
What Goes Around is a treat to listen to and am so glad I found this. The track kicks into groove right away and keeps you hooked until the shit is finally over. Brilliant production and some harsh lyrical rapping, think we’re on to a winner here.

Guggenz – Miles Apart
Sunday is a day to relax, chill, find new indie music, sit back. Think about life, etc. This will be a short one. Just a nice little groovy treat from Guggenz. The song is called “Miles Apart”. Minimal, yet extremely… soul-grabbing.


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