Gulping Beats #3

bugulp gulping beats

This week’s five track playlist features artists such as Bon Iver, Alexander biggs, Cat Clyde, Phoria and Ryley Walker.

Bon Iver – 29 #Strafford APTS
Discovering this absolute gem by Bon Iver was exactly what I needed as the cold days of winter are coming to an end. With 29 #Strafford APTS they have managed to blend a fusion of folk, rock and soul, reminding me of some of my lovable guitar musicians – Nick Drake and John Martyn.

Listening to Iver’s new album, 22, A million, the layers of instrumentals on this album keep unveiling themselves, making each listening experience unique and engaging.

Ryley Walker – The Roundabout
This song is a perfect example of what you could really find if you look hard enough for new indie music on the internet, an absolute gem of a find. You can find this song on Walker’s latest album Golden Sings That Have Been Sung. This song has been done so perfectly that I have to say this is one of the most warming tracks on the record. Extremely beautiful.

Cat Clyde – Mama Said
Been ages since I’ve encountered some touching folky/bluesy tunes and this new single from Cat Clyde is the perfect way to describe it. The young American singer/songwriter has such a unique voice, I feel that just after few listens of “Mama Said”, I’ll be able to pick her voice anytime, anywhere. “Mama Said” makes me wanna experience the cowboy way of life… somehow.

Phoria – Saving Us A Riot
It’s been such a long time since I last heard from Phoria, so am glad to see their back and making some good music again. Originally from Brighton, Phoria has produced has some really great tunes over the years but this one is such a nice laid back lullaby. Way more simple than their previous stuff I’ve heard but so soothing and beautiful.

Alexander Biggs – Out In The Dark
Just stumbled upon this on Spotify and boy am I glad I found it. This amazing lo-fi indie music is the work of Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Alexander Biggs. Australia has produced some great indie artists over the years and it looks like we’re onto another here. The song is part of Alex’s debut EP out this year. Relax, sit back and enjoy this one.


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