Real Estate is back with new single “Darling” (Video)

They’re here! Real Estate has announced their forthcoming album In Mind and also released a new single “Darling”. The album is out March 17th on Domino.

In Mind will be Real Estate’s first album since guitarist Matt Mondanile left the band, who was replaced by Julian Lynch last spring. The video also features a new guest member maybe? named Like No Other, a horse. Scroll down below for the In Mind album art and tracklist.

real estate in mind album

Real Estate, In Mind
1. “Darling”
2. “Serve The Song”
3. “Stained Glass”
4. “After The Moon”
5. “Two Arrows”
6. “White Light”
7. “Holding Pattern”
8. “Time”
9. “Diamond Eyes”
10. “Same Sun”
11. “Saturday”


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